Announcing: Project Venn News

Today Midwest Truth formally announces the start of Project Venn News (PVN), your daily report on today’s reports.

Media today is often considered biased, and for good reason. It is the opinion of the Midwest Truth management in that in an attempt to focus on political demographics for increased viewership, news media organizations may be leaving out key information the public DESERVES to know. It is also management opinion in catering to a local audience, some facts may be ignored in favor of what studio executives think their audience wants to hear. Or worse, what advertisers and sponsors do not want to hear.

In an attempt to verify our thesis, we are officially launching PVN. In addition to original reporting and perspective pieces Midwest Truth will roll out PVN as a regular report on what topics news media companies are covering, and what the coverage looks like. Midwest Truth will not be independently reporting on these stories, but rather analyzing and comparing the different American Midwest reports. Some of the categories include but are not limited to headlines, discrepancies regarding information, story focus, and originality. Organizations that shall be considered for the initial project shall include:
•Fox News
•China Daily
•Al Jazeera

These media organizations have been chosen for their strong different perspectives and focus on the written word. In an ideal world MSNBC ought to have been included for this list, but their lack of written reporting on individual stories has been found disappointing.

The format for these reports shall first focus on objective information, with an objective breakdown of how these various news media reports differ. At the end will be a potentially subjective but fact-based commentary on events.

We hope you join us for this journey in news analysis, and our pursuit of the truth!

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