PVN DAY 2: The US-China Trade Dispute


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Break down of 5-13-2019 Major Coverage Of The US-China Trade Dispute

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  • CNN
  • Global Times
  • Aljazeera
  • RT

Quick Facts about stories Covered+Archives


  • Title: Dow plunges 700 points after China retaliates with higher tariffs
  • Word Count Estimate: 504
  • Synopsis: US stock value declined after China retaliates against increased US tariffs with tariffs of its own. Bank of America strategist delivered cometary, providing an optimistic view of the situation.

Global Times

  • Title: China hits back at US tariffs
  • Word Count Estimate: 921
  • Synopsis: China launched a “measured but firm” response to US tariffs. China is optimistic about a deal, believes china has already reached half way to a deal, and claims China will not back down. Warned that China must stay focused, and ensure growth through reform and opening-up efforts.
  • Point of Interest: ““The Chinese side will never succumb to external pressure and we have the resolve and ability to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests,” Geng Shuang, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told a routine press briefing on Monday.”


  • Title: China to increase tariffs on $60bn worth of US goods
  • Word Count Estimate: 914
  • Synopsis: The bitter trade war deepens as China and the US impose tariffs on each other. Thousands are effected as shockwaves reach around the world.
  • Point of Interest: ““China will never surrender to external pressure,” foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a regular briefing”


  • Title: China strikes back at Trump’s new tariffs, targeting $60 billion in US exports
  • Word Count Estimate: 343
  • Synopsis: China retaliates against Washington’s recent tariffs by imposing export levies. Stock fell.
  • Point of Interest: ““China will never surrender to external pressure. We have the confidence and the ability to protect our lawful and legitimate rights,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a daily news briefing on Monday.”


Finally, it seems the meme that you need to read four different sources of news to have all the information was right after all.

Unsurprisingly both the American CNN and the Chinese Global Times offered diplomatic and optimistic interpretations of the US-China Trade dispute. The private business of both countries will be effected, probably negatively after all.

The CNN article almost had no editorializing, and was mostly quotes and stock information. The Chinese Global Times was longer winded, and told a Chinese perspective of the dispute with most of the paper quoting Chinese experts. You could even call the Global Times article a perspective piece.

It was so much a perspective piece it seems, that the Chinese writers changed what one of their officials said.

Aljazeera and humiliatingly even the Russian station RT both exposed what may be a Global Times LIE (or “mistranslation”) . Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang was very defiant about the new US Tariffs and was not diplomatic at all. Why?

The United States economy grew much faster than expected in the last fiscal quarter, and Chinese GDP growth is slowing down. It has been reported by several sources (1 2 3), but has not been confirmed that these new tariffs could knock .5%-1% off of Chinese growth. Did Geng Shuang accidently tip China’s real hand? To little information. We will find out depending on where Geng Shuang will be located in the future: his post or a prison.

Continuing the breakdown, RT had little to say about the story, but Aljazeera was very heavy on how brutal the trade dispute was and provided quite a bit of (unsourced) information. Aljazeera was very doom and gloom, with little optimism. Why they reported this way is unknown, but will be considered in future stories.

Fox News and BBC did not feature the trade dispute as a major story at this time.

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