Project Venn News: Day 1 Test Issue

May 12, 2019

Note: This is a work in progress attempt based upon original guidelines. The format of Project Venn News is subject to different formats in the future.

Today’s top story with US focus by Major News Agency as of 2:00PM CST.

Fox News

  • Title: Graham looks to unseal doc that shows Steele dossier lacked proof for FBI probe
    • Category: Federal Politics
    • Length: Approximately 1490 words
    • Video: Yes
    • Comments: Yes
      • Synopsis: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is working to declassify a document. This document may or may not show that that US authorities knew the Steele dossier lacked any substantial independent corroboration.


  • Title: He pioneered technology that fueled the Human Genome Project. Now his greatest challenge is curing his own son
    • Category: Human Interest
    • Subcategory: Science 
    • Length: Approximately 2557 words
    • Video: No
    • Comments: No
      • Synopsis: Human Genome Project Scientist works on ME/CFS cure for his son’s debilitating disease. Family discusses how they take care of their son and how it effects their daily routine.


  • Title: Actress proposes mandatory vasectomies in response to restrictive abortion laws
    • Category: US State Politics
    • Subcategory: Drama
    • Length: Approximately 765 words
    • Video: No
    • Comments: Yes
      • Synopsis: Actress Evan Rachel Wood Proposes mandatory vasectomies then clarifies her position, citing the proposal was put forth to prove a point and was not serious.


  • Title: US states file lawsuit accusing drugs firms of inflating costs
    • Category: Business
    • Subcategory: Law
    • Length: Approximately 765 words
    • Video: No
    • Comments: Yes
      • Synopsis: After a five-year investigation more than 40 US states have filed a lawsuit against possibly 20 pharmaceutical firms. The lawsuit alleges that the firms conspired to artificially inflate the cost of over 100 common medicinal drugs

China Daily

  • Title: Top negotiator: China seeks equal, dignified trade deal
    • Category: Business
    • Subcategory: International
    • Length: Approximately 966 words
    • Video: No
    • Comments: No
      • Synopsis: Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He comments on the collapse of the US-China Trade talks. States China does not want an escalating trade war, but is willing to fight one. Discusses how from his viewpoint no agreement and increasing tariffs is bad for everyone.

Al Jazeera

  • Title: Santuario: Seeking refuge in a US sanctuary church
    • Category: US Federal Politics
    • Subcategory: Immigration
    • Length: Approximately 292 words
    • Video: Yes
    • Comments: No
      • Synopsis: Juana Tobar Ortega came to the United States in 1992 seeking asylum. April 2017 her stay (definition of stay was not clarified) was not renewed, and now hides out in a church.

Opinionated Breakdown

            In formatting this release, we came to a surprising problem. We took a look at the story that we considered to be the featured story. The featured story was always at the top of the page, and took up the most space compared to the other stories. Of the different news agencies, none of them had the same thing as their top story. While Aljazeera, BBC, and RT both reported on the US-China Trade fallout as a major story, neither had the topic as the featured story. Furthermore, the US based outlets Fox News and CNN had wildly different featured stories. This indicates two different things.

  1. Major news media companies have significantly different content priorities.
  2. Midwest Truth’s methodology needs updating.

Midwest Truth currently does not yet have the resources to analyze in depth how every story is being reported by every outlet. Instead of comparing the top stories from each media organization, Midwest Truth will instead review the major story that is being covered the most, and break down how the 2-6+ separate reports differ.

In the mean time as we adjust for a new trial run, we did gather some interesting insights.  

            China Daily is owned by Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. Their website has no comments available for their readers, and was mostly quotes from members of the Chinese government. This is unsurprising, as a publicity department would most likely choose to avoid publishing criticism of the people they work for, and allowing criticism from the public to be published by their platform. Al Jazeera, which is state funded also disallows comments on their website.

One surprising website to also disallow comments on their website is CNN. Fox News allows it, the BBC allows it, even RT, the Russian media company with questionable independence from the Russian Government, allows for public comments. Knowledge about their various moderation process is unknown, but some of the comments on RT are not very Russia friendly.

            Evidence suggests CNN used to have comments, but no longer does. Hard facts on why they currently share this trait with media unfriendly state-run agencies is unavailable. Perhaps some investigation is in order?

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