Project Venn News Day 4: Tumbleweed

Birds are singing and no bombs are (actively) dropping, which signals the start to a slow news cycle. At least, that is the only explanation we have for the news featuring completely different things. This annoying phenomenon is being rolled out into a larger project. Please enjoy snips taken form the various free news media websites to verify the information for yourself. Thanks.

As of 9:30 CST PM last night:

Fox News





Since the same thing is not “universally newsworthy,” as evident by the wildly different featured headlines. Of course, this could always change, a nuclear war could break out and everyone would report on that. So instead of focusing on breaking down what the various news media companies are reporting. ONLY THE TOP 5 WITH THE BIGGEST TEXT AND DESCRIPTION WILL BE USED. Global Times has been left out today due to their disgusting slide system.

Fox News: State Politics, National Politics, Sports, National Politics, Human Interest

CNN: Human Interest, National Politics, Race Politics

BBC: International Relations, Local Politics, Culture, Culture, Human Interest

Aljazeera:Non-domestic Politics, International Relations, Military Incident, Non-domestic politics

RT:Foreign Relations, Foreign Relations, Misc Politics, Federal Politics, International Politics

No conclusions or breakdown will be drawn from this information. Instead, “Tumbleweed” Stories will be used to record what the media is reporting on a slow day, and collect data for long term projects.

Short, but is what it is. See you later, cowboy.

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