PVN Day 5: Huawei Hoedown


May 16, 2019

Shame on Fox News and CNN for not reporting on this. I know Iran is a big deal, but so is China.

Breakdown of Huawei Major Coverage 5/16/2019

Featured websites are BBC and Global Times as of 12:00 PM CST.

Archive link for BBC

  • Title: Huawei: China threatens to retaliate over US sanctions
  • Approximate Words: 793
  • Synopsis: Trump administration on Wednesday stopped Huawei products from being used in US networks though an executive order. The move was made according to the United States to protect their national security. U.S. joins Australia and New Zealand in blocking Huawei products, and has urged allies to follow also shun Huawei. Only Japan had made moves, blocking Huawei from government contracts. Huawei representatives denied their company was a Chinese government tool, and said that denying them will just hurt the American economy. The article supposes that the Trump administration has gone to far, quoting unnamed analysts. It also insinuated from a sub headline that the United States is entering a second “Red Scare.”

Archive link for Global Times

  • Title: China-US decoupling to hurt US more: analysts
  • Approximate Words: 824
  • Synopsis: President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday (5/15/2019) declaring a national emergency and prohibiting foreign companies that pose national security risks from taking part in the U.S. information and communications technology industry. This move has stopped Chinese companies form entering the U.S. market. Huawei spokesmen said they hope the issue is resolved soon, and the Chinese government condemned the U.S. move, calling it a “mistake.”

Chinese analysts said Huawei will not fold as easily as ZTE when the U.S. sanctioned them, and that going after Huawei darkens the outlook of future trade talks. This attack may also come back to bite the United States, as a lot of technology firms do business in China.


Both provide objective information regarding what the Trump administration did.  Both also noted the company that was most effected, and possibly targeted, was Huawei.

The BBC gave a very general overview of the situation. It featured the American Government perspective, and the Chinese Huawei perspective. It was only near the end that any opinion was given, and it was done incompetently. No one was cited, and a reference was made to an actual Chinese spying incident that had nothing to do with Huawei. ((Source: The BBC Source: Wikipedia) Huawei is never mentioned.) Instead these moves can be a result of very real concerns about national security pertaining to the closeness Chinese firms have with the government (Source) and insistences of possible technology theft (Source). While mostly neutral, this article clearly downplays Chinese ability to undermine U.S. and other nations’ national securities. Why is the BBC parroting Huawei and Chinese Government lines? What’s in it for them? Are they just so lazy they’ll copy whoever?

Or perhaps, as reported by the BBC, it is because UK Prime Minister Theresa May last month provisionally approved Huawei technology for use in the nation’s future 5G telecom networks

Who knows? This is just speculation.

The mention of the Trade war is but a footnote to the BBC.

The Global Times on the other hand offered even more objective information (in our opinion surprisingly), and gave a full Chinese viewpoint. China does not like this move, China wants this move reversed, and China will persevere. It is also according to the sources referenced in the best interests of the United State to come to terms with China. Additionally, the report makes it seem that new trade talks are less likely, but why exactly that would be is not elaborated on.

Shame on Fox News for not reporting on this. It would have been nice to see a Murican perspective on this matter. Subjectively, I would like to say executive order could have been a move to help strengthen America’s position at the trade talks, but I’ll leave that speculating for the real “journalists”.

Maybe this being a possibly good move by Trump was why CNN did not report on it?

EDIT: CNN did cover this piece in their business section, about an hour and a half after this report was compiled. No link, because no SEO help for someone who is tardy. #ShamefulDisplay

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