Media Malaise

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May 22, 2019

There is something terribly wrong with today’s media, and I don’t just mean Fake News.

About over a week ago Midwest Truth launched Project Venn News (PVN). The concept was to look at how news media reported on major events and to compare the coverage. Initially, this concept was successful. It showed how Global Times blatantly covered up the outlandish defiance expressed about Chinese ministers. It also showed the shoddy reporting by the BBC, pushing an anti-Trump narrative and completely ignoring the legitimate concerns of Huawei espionage. However, PVN has run into a major snag.

News media corporations included in the observation rarely ran the same story at the same time.

PVN only focused on stories that were featured by the different websites. Featured was defined as the stories at the top of the page with the biggest image and the biggest description. There are usually 3-5 different featured stories at a time depending on the website. Presumably, these are the stories that the different websites want their audience to look at. Why else display them so prominently?

In my opinion, perhaps even my hypothesis, the featured stories would include the latest and most sensationalist stories. If the audience for these websites are going to read something it would the be right in front of them. Logically the rest of the page would be filled with smaller stories and stories that are considered old news. As implied, this is not the case.

Instead, the pages are littered with different stories. Some make sense. In example RT, formally Russia Today features stories heavily involving Russia; Global Times which is a Chinese government backed organization features China. What makes less sense is why CNN and Fox News are so different.

 CNN is considered to be and American left-wing biased news media company. Fox News is considered to be a right-wing biased news media company. Organizations like Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC) also gave CNN and Fox News the accorded ranking on bias.1,2 Yet, despite being polar opposites they never seem to focus on the same stories. An example can be found in the 4th PVN release.3

Major media is not reporting on the same thing, and we do not know why. We will attempt future research, but for now PVN is being remodeled. It will only feature two separate news media reports, and will compare the different coverage. This will improve quality, and streamline the process. Whether the story is featured or not will no longer matter. It is the mission of Midwest Truth to compare and report on the news, and being hampered by perfidious editorial boards is unacceptable.  

Nevertheless, research will continue on this discrepancy, and modifications to future writing will be changed according to new information, (and resources). Thank you.  

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