Theresa May Resigns: America’s Perspective


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May 24, 2019

CNN and Fox News, both major American news media organizations, are reporting the resignation of the British Prime Minister Theresa May. Below we will provide some factoids about their differing reports, and an analysis on how the reports differ.

Reports’ status as of 10:15 AM CST

Fox News

  • Title: UK PM Theresa May announces resignation amid fury over Brexit handling
  • Approximate Words: 1049
  • Synopsis: British Prime Minister Theresa May announced Friday that she will resign, thus ending her months-long struggle to keep her job despite seething anger over her handling of Brexit (The United Kingdom leaving the EU). May was emotional during her announcement speech, emphasizing she did everything she could regarding Brexit. Opponents to May called her desperate, deluded, and doomed. Her last attempt at a Brexit deal backfired, and in the EU elections May’s party is expected to be crushed. United Kingdom Politicians are now jockeying for the Prime Minister position.


  • Title: Theresa May to resign as UK Prime Minister
  • Approximate Words: 3426
  • Synopsis: Theresa May finally announced the end of her short but tumultuous tenure as the United Kingdom’s prime minister on Friday, speaking full of emotion. In her resignation speech, May said she did everything she could. Her allies called the move courageous; her enemies called the move correct Despite her 3 years in office being remembered for turmoil and Brexit failure, she will be remembered for other things. These things include her initial high approval rating, cozening up to US President Donald Trump, and political missteps that could be described as humiliating. On Friday, she has effectively declared her decisive defeat. Now politicians are positioning themselves for Prime Minister.  Boris Johnson who is a front runner to replace May has made it clear if elected he will make Brexit happen, “deal or no deal.” A new Prime Minister will be in place sometime in summer 2019. Economists have warned of the possibly negative financial impact of a no-deal split, and have blamed Brexit for devaluating the UK Pound (the UK’s Currency). There is now great worry as what is to come.


Both Fox news and CNN offer objective facts about the news event. Both also offer unique, but not truly different or indefensible perspectives.

The Fox News Report is shorter, and focuses on the “now.” Theresa May’s departure is an obvious result of her continued failure, and was quickened by her most recent fiasco. May’s critics had harsh word for her performance, with her entire time in office a disaster. Under her leadership, the party has suffered major defeats. Unfortunately, it seems the report does not go too far into detail.

CNN on the other hand was much more in-depth. Theresa May had a good start, but what was described as political incompetence lead to her downfall. CNN implies getting closer with President Trump was one of the first moves in her downfall, with political disaster after disaster grinding down her administration into powerlessness. The situation deteriorated so badly, even the opposition felt sorry for May. Now the United Kingdom faces great uncertainty. The political front runner promises Brexit at any costs, with CNN asserting with no evidence that economists disapprove of Brexit.

Both also feature US President Trump. Fox News as a factoid; CNN as a detriment to May.

The Truth can be found somewhere in the middle, with CNN’s coverage surprisingly being more through. Unlike Fox News, they show a larger picture, not just snippets of recent events. However, the recent events do matter, which is why Fox’s coverage is still important, and references more recent outrage of May’s actions. It is just unfortunate that both sides do not have any links or evidence for their reports.

While it is true that CNN asserts more, there is evidence out there to support their positions. Evidence for their position can be found below that shows a graph of The UK Pound to the American Dollar. You can see a major drop in value the day after the Brexit referendum. CNN has a legitimate story; they are just likely lazy.

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