Chicago Homicides Are Still Trending Up

Despite the ramblings of News Media, Chicago shootings and homicides are still trending up according to recent data.

One of the reasons Midwest Truth was founded, is because the shootings in Chicago are not given much air time. When Christchurch New Zealand was shot up by an alt-right manic, the incident received international coverage and condemnation. 51 people were shot and killed. News about the tragedy was broadcast everywhere for weeks. What most people do not know is that there were 52 people shot in Chicago the weekend of June 1st. That story was maybe run for a day, then stopped. Where was the outrage and mass condemnation?

There was never, is never, and will never be any condemnation of the murders in Chicago. As an opinion, I think it is because the Chicago ruling elite (Democrats) spend too much money on advertising for the media to run stories against the chaos, and it is mostly poor people getting shot. Rarely is a murder ever covered individually, unless it is an abnormally terrible event.

toddler shot in head fox 32
Like this.

This is a topic that deserves to be talked about, and by will God Midwest Truth talk about it.

According to data from the Chicago Police Department, it appears that crime has been falling as a whole. It also shows that the number of crimes committed in recent years have stabilized. This is a good thing.

Chicago crime Chicago police data
Chicago Police Data on Total Crimes

The only problem with these numbers, is that they do not show the total homicides committed nor the total shootings. If they do have it, that data is not available to the public.  

So instead, the data on total shot in Chicago and the total Chicago homicides were pulled from, a news media website. They collect data from various sources, and are followed by other news organizations like ABC 7 Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. The website only started tracking total shot in Chicago and the total Chicago homicides in 2013, so that is where we will start.

Chicago shot shootings
Total shot in Chicago since 2013. Dotted line is the trend line.
Chicago homicides
Total homicides in Chicago since 2013. Dotted line is the trend line.

Despite the fact that crime has been going down for the past two years, there were so many shootings and homicides in 2016 that the trend line is still going up. Additionally, making the problem worse is that per capita shootings are also still high.

The population of Chicago is not going up, and is in fact in decline. Chicago has been losing residents for the past four years, which further shows that shootings are not really going down. Chicago had the same population in 2018 as it did in 2013, rounded to the nearest thousandth. Yet, the total population shot per thousand in 2013 was 0.807, while in 2018 was 1.095, assuming you used US census data. More people are being shot in proportion to the general population within the past several years.

There is some good news however. As of June 6th, Chicago tallied 2019’s 1,000th person shot. The only data later when comparing the recent data sets was June 19th 2014.  This data means fewer people have been shot this year so far compared to other recent years.

It is unknown whether the crime will be higher or lower than last year, but recent trends suggest there is nothing stopping it from going there.

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