Illinois Farms Finally Begin Planting

After several weeks of chilly and rainy weather, the most recent report from the Agriculture Department’s weekly evaluation of crop advancement shows that Illinois farmers have gotten most of their planting done. However, growers are still behind schedule in a state that generally is the number 1 grower of soybeans and number 2 grower of corn. As of June 16, 88% of Illinois corn has been planted, compared with 73% as of June 9. One year ago, planting had already been completed. The only good news is that the better weather is also aiding in recent crop development.

The United States Department of Agriculture said 74% of the Illinois corn crop has emerged, compared with 51% June 9. This time last year, plants have been observable on virtually all fields. The going is slower for soy areas, where 70% of acreage was planted as of June 16. However, that’s advancement from a week before, when 49% was planted. One year ago, virtually all plantings have taken place. Only 50% of soybean plants have emerged, compared with 25% as of June 9. One year before that, the plants had emerged in 93% of the state’s fields. Additionally, the Illinois Farm Bureau reported earlier this week that the wheat crop is behind schedule for this time of the year. As of June 17, only 6% of the harvest had been collected.

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