An Open Letter To the Iowa Democratic Committee

This letter was composed by Kanta, a freelance writer for Midwest Truth. Kanta is an experienced programmer that is knowledgeable in app development.

To the Iowa Democratic Committee: What the fuck were you thinking? Did you just want to be the new Florida? Or had you completely forgotten how new technology is consistently unstable? The eyes of the world were on you, and you dropped the ball.

Seriously, you did not need to develop an app for this. It could have been a spreadsheet in an e-mail. I happen to know that Warren’s campaign uses Google Docs for this, and it serves them perfectly fine. (I know it’s a botnet that reports everything to a megacorp, but this is a use case where it’s all supposed to be publicly available as quickly as it can be tabulated anyway.) Each precinct could have texted their results to a guy with a big sheet of paper and a TI-83. There are too many ways to do this to count, all of which are more reliable and cheaper than a purpose-built app.

And of course, the people you paid to make the app were from Hillary Clinton’s digital outreach team because they did such a good job there. All those young adults sure did pok√©mon go to the polls, didn’t they? Considering who invests in Acronym (a politically left non-profit that owns Shadow), this seems like a case of partisan nepotism, but even then, you could have just hired them as consultants on paper and still gone with something that actually worked.

Let’s just hope that the Democratic Parties of Texas and Wisconsin (my home state), which have contracted Shadow, Inc for undisclosed services, have the sense to use existing tools for their primaries. The New Hampshire primary, at least so far, seems to be going smoothly. It’s amazing how that can happen.

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