Burr Ridge Mayor Throws Tantrum at Opposition Meeting

Mayor Gary Grasso upset burr ridge bookstore

Mayor Gary Grasso of Burr Ridge Illinois threw a tantrum at an anti-Home Rule meeting. After being told repeatedly to sit down and shut up, he shuffled out of the meeting. Outside of the meeting area, he would later denounce his opponents as liars.

The meeting was at Barbara’s Bookstore, with the purpose of informing the voting public why they should vote no on the upcoming Home Rule referenda on March 17. The meeting featured two speakers who were Jim Tobin and Zachary Mottl. Mr. Tobin is a Home Rule expert and president of the nonprofit Taxpayers United of America, which he founded over forty years ago. Mr. Mottl is a Burr Ridge Resident and Local Business Owner, who is also a village trustee.

Mr. Tobin and Mr. Mottl spoke out against Burr Ridge’s government pushing for Home Rule powers. Mr. Tobin in particular stated that Home Rule gave Illinois municipalities unlimited taxing powers, and stole the the right to vote on tax increases from taxpayers. To make his case, Mr. Tobin cited Bridgeview Illinois, whose residents voted for Home Rule under the promise that local politicians would not increase property taxes, saw their property taxes go up 300% (source: https://www.chicagotribune.com/investigations/ct-met-debt-bridgeview-main-20120609-story.html).

Mayor Grasso, who is a supporter of Home Rule in Burr Ridge, was greatly upset at the opposition’s points. During the question and answer session Mayor Grasso stood up and appeared to try to take over, or disrupt the meeting. After being shouted down by the speakers, Mayor Grasso left the meeting and went into the bookstore proper. There, he accused the speakers of lying.

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  • Seems Home Rule will give the mayor, and department heads a bit more flexibility to govern Burr Ridge, that’s all. Ultimately, nothing will solve long-term fiscal problems, in Burr Ridge and throughout Illinois, unless our state enacts true pension reform, ends unfunded mandates, reduces by at least half the 7,000 local governments we have, funds public schools primarily through income taxes, not property taxes and enacts pro-business reforms that halt the exodus of people and companies out of Illinois.

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