Metra Trains Empty Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Metra Trains are in some cases running nearly empty. The drop off of riders was so significant that Metra is planning to amend its schedule.

Metra’s announced the intent to change their train schedule on Tuesday. According to first hand accounts, conductors told riders to expect an amended schedule starting on Wednesday the 18th, but the change has yet to occur.

Instead, in an online social media post on Facebook, Metra announced that the trains would continue to run on schedule at least until Friday, March 20. After that, no guarantees were given.

Empty Trains

According to both eye witness accounts and Metra, trains are running extremely empty.

Chicago Metra BNSF Train #1254 EMPTY Because of COVID-19.

Metra blames the ridership drop on school closures, work-from-home mandates and other COVID-19 related causes. Metra said that they are not planning yet to change the size of trains and crews. Additionally, Metra employees were told to operate with all cars open to encourage social distancing.

However, it appears that their statement is inaccurate. Eye witness accounts report several train cars shut down, in spite of calls for social distancing. We are reaching out to Metra for comment.

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