About: Edited 1-31-2020

Mission: Publish and archive the truth in what ever form it may take.

There was an old internet meme from happier and freer time about the truth. It effectively stated that if you want the whole truth you needed to go to as many sources of news as possible.

No matter what this meme was used for in the past, the core principle still rings true. Media websites of all stripes have different audiences, and their writers must cater to that audience. In order to cater to these audiences, writers must tailor their work for this audience. Unfortunately, by tailoring information some details may be changed or even found missing entirely from the report. It may not be intentional but it happens. By finding different sources, you can create a clearer picture for yourself.

From a marketing standpoint, this is a necessity. Media companies are all for profit (even the non-profits!) and possessing a flow of readership is the key to profitability. This is not bad in itself, but how these people present themselves is worthy of condemnation.

Almost every last media organization of them claim to tell the truth. No, they don’t. They tell a perspective backed usually by facts, but not the truth. Furthermore, they only tell a perspective of the stories they want to focus on. If a story may not appeal to their audience it is discarded. It is always about the money. Yet, they claim to be nearly divine truth tellers, with news media going so far as to call themselves the fourth estate.

What’s worse, is that the internet is making media organizations desperate. The internet has become a major disruption to their business model, and in their efforts to adapt most news outlets seem to print more sensationalist propaganda than actual facts. If that is how they want to conduct their business then fine, but this change is making it harder to find the truth.

Journalists also seem to be ignoring stories. Turn on the TV and you get pop-activism and cute dogs. Log on to news websites and you get hysteria about politics. What about the war in Syria, the war in Yemen, the slave markets of Libya, the unrest in Europe, and more? What about the minor but interesting events that happen every day? There is a market for everything, and it seems that more and more is fall through the cracks. How are the people supposed to even find the truth if no one reports on it?

Midwest Truth is a bet that the truth still has an audience. If a story is ignored that needs to be read it has a home here. If the reports lie about something it will be critically examined here. While a story is being written from partisan intent, it will be welded together here. There is no guarantee that bias will be left out, but it is the hope of Midwest Truth to bring you closer to the truth.

The objectives for Midwest Truth are the following.

  • Post stories or articles of interest that deserve to be read.
  • Publish the writings of experts on various news worthy topics and discuss the different viewpoints of the issue.
  • Offer unique perspectives counter to media narratives.
  • Give platform to those with something worthwhile to say that the media will ignore.
  • Investigate items of public interest that the media discards.
  • Publish written works that would otherwise not have a home.

The founding principles of Midwest Truth are the following:

  • A commitment to reasonable transparency.
  • An active commitment to honest writing, and extensive corrections if an error is made in factual records.
  • Non-partisan writing: all articles of any political stripe are welcome here.
  • This list is not limited to the bullet points mentioned here, and may expand at any time

Midwest Truth may not be a long-lasting project. It is started as a self-funded venture with no full-time staff, no trained journalists or professional writers. Most likely this site will barely make money, or at all. Assuming this survives, it is unknown what form this place will take in the coming years. My only hopes are that she remains true to her name, and grows to become the most fiery, spiteful, journalist hating hellion she can be.